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2 thoughts on “2019 NEW! Inglese per AGENTI IMMOBILIARI

  1. newadmin

    Questa sera continueremo a seguire le vicende di Edmond Dantés, Mercedes, Monsieur Villefort e Fernand.
    Ci concentreremo sui phrasal verbs, question tags, sui linkers e i coordinators, per quanto concerne la grammatica, mentre per la parte orale ci aspetta l’approdo di Dantés a Marseille.

    See you in a few hours…

  2. newadmin

    That’s certainly true! And last night’s words were: to join, to shudder, carriage, to kidnap, guillotine and so on!
    Yesterday we focused on a listening activity and we discovered that it isn’t as hard as we thought it could be 🙂
    Amusing to listen to Signor Pastini’s, Peppino’s and Luigi Vampa’s Italian accent while speaking in English.